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introduces, ADULT DIAPERS, a design breakthrough specially designed to fit both men and women . It offers all-in-one protection with outstanding dryness and comfort with maximum absorbency. The unique extra locking layer (blue colour ADL) locks the liquid immediately and keeps the user dry and clean. You can be assured you have the protection you need throughout the day, however active you are.

1. Top Sheet : Soft cloth – like topsheet is gentle agasint the skin. It keeps the surface dry to promote healthy skin.
2. Backsheet : Premium strength cloth – like PE backsheet prevents leakage and keeps the mattress clean.
3. Super Aborbent Core : Effectively wicks fluid away from the point of insult. Super aborbent polymer is evenly spread throughout the core for improved fluid management.
4. Tissue : Highly absorbent tissue-filled centre in the pad keeps the pad intact and locks away fluid immediately.
Available in the size of : 60 X 90 cm
1. ADVANCED LEAKAGE PROTECTION : The combination of double layered super absorbent core, tissue and ADL embossed with channels, form a total absorbency system that significantly reduces the chances of leakage.
2. DOUBLE LAYERED ABSORBENT CORE : Super absorbent core design consists of two layers of super absorbent pads which provide excellent urine retention. It absorbs wetness immididiately and keeps the user dry and clean.
3. LEG CUFFS AND ELASTIC : It provides a snug fit and ensures protection against leakage in the crotch area.
4. CLOSURE SYSTEM : Refastenable side tapes with landing guide allows repeated adjustments of tape tabs for proper positioning to achieve a comfortable fit.
5. WETNESS INDICATOR : The indicator color fades away when the diaper is wet. A regular changing routine is recommended to prevent diaper rash.
6. EXTRA LOCKING LAYER : A specially designed blue distribution strip to provide a sense of dryness to the skin, providing additional separation between wet diaper and the skin.
  • Sizes : Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
  • Available in pack of 10.